Managing Small Horse Pastures

Managing Small Horse Pastures

Do you want to improve the pasture for your horses? With proper management of pastures on small acreages, your horses can graze better and hay prices can be reduced.

Horse owners need a plan, and they must understand that in addition to managing the horses, they should also do the followings:

Check Fences

Fences are the most common way to divide pastures. Sometimes we forget to just walk or ride all the way around our fence lines. Checking periodically allows you to catch any minor issues before they become major ones. This will save you not only time, but also money from a larger repair.  Leaving a repair unattended will allow your horses to continue causing damage and will result in higher costs.

Drain Standing Water

You should clean your horses’ water troughs and empty any standing water. The heat and bugs of summer make it necessary to clean water buckets, waterers, and troughs.  Rinse thoroughly after scrubbing with diluted bleach.  If you have buckets or containers that have accumulated standing water from the rain, empty or turn them over. In addition to attracting mosquitoes and other pests, standing water can also irritate your horse and bring disease.

Grass Length

Maintain low grass around fence lines. Long grass can cause the bottom rails of your fence to short out or worse, your entire fence line. Maintain your fence line by weed whipping. For best results, spray on a non-windy day and during dry weather.

If you’re having trouble managing your pasture, hire pasture management experts. H&T Ranch Services provides pasture management services in Texas. Give us a call at 844-487-2624 for a no-cost consultation.