Land Restoration

Land Restoration Rehabilitates Natural Landscapes & Makes Degraded Land Reproductive Again

Land restoration refers to the process of restoring natural landscapes to their original environmental balance and/or productive use. Natural causes or human activity often degrades lands. 

In order to combat climate change and cultivate balance within our natural ecosystems, it is imperative to revitalize the grasslands. The long-term restoration of land will benefit neighboring communities and will ensure ecological stability for generations to come. When appropriately managed, land restoration can provide local populations with reliable water, food, and revenue while providing them with tools for sustainable land stewardship.

A few examples of restorative methods:

Floodplain Restoration: 

By rebuilding floodplains to their original conditions, the chances of flooding are reduced and water quality is improved. 

Managed Grazing

Move herds across landscapes to cultivate healthy soil and organic grasses by introducing species to grassland areas.


Replant trees in depleted forests or woodlands, especially in areas that have been cleared through deforestation.

Soil Management

A healthy soil is the foundation for almost all agriculture. By conserving organic matter, we can prevent land degradation and improve topsoil. In a field, planting a variety of different species and rotating crops on a seasonal basis allows soil to maintain a healthy balance of minerals and microbes for vibrant crops.

How H&T Ranch Services Can Help You with Land Restoration?

H&T Ranch Services can ecologically repair and restore any damaged land on your ranch. They can provide routine inspection and maintenance for your property, create new bodies of water that are necessary, prepare any land for any new ranch development or expand your existing property. 

If you have questions about land development, land restoration in Texas, etc., please don’t hesitate to contact us at H&T Ranch Services. We offer free consultations.