Long-Lasting Farm Fence

How to Build a Long-Lasting Farm Fence?

Farm fences are essential for anyone who raises livestock. The purpose of fencing is not only to keep animals out – or predators out – but also to make your homestead appear neat, tidy, and enclosed. As a matter of fact, it is much easier said than done when it comes to building a fence.

For a fence that will last for generations, here are some fence building tips in Texas.

How to Build a Strong Fence?

Concrete is used for stabilizing

You should use concrete to hold your posts in place if you are concerned about their structural integrity (or if you simply want some extra insurance). You can also fill fence post holes with gravel if you’re concerned about drainage.

Hang a good gate and invest in it

You will have a stronger gate if your fence posts are strong. If you want your gate to be supported, be sure to brace your posts. Also, use three hinge sets rather than two on your gate.

Watch out for your pets

When you set the animals loose for the first time in a new pasture, don’t assume your work is done. Make sure you keep an eye on them for at least an hour to make sure they are adjusting well and that your fence is up to code.

Obtain the necessary permits

To find out if a building permit is needed in your area, contact the local authorities. There’s a nine out of ten chance you won’t, but checking to prevent costly penalties and fines is a good idea. 

Address the slopes and elevation

While it may seem simple to build a strong farm fence, once you begin working with slopes or elevation, the math becomes more complex.

Be sure to take care of your corner posts and brackets

The corner braces of a livestock fence are without a doubt the most important part. Your fence will be anchored at these points, taking on the brunt of the force from both fence lines.

Material selection

For a sturdy fence, there are a lot of options to choose from.

Build deep fence posts

Various materials can be used to make fence posts, including cedar or steel. Each material has advantages and disadvantages, but make sure you drive those posts as deep as possible.

In conclusion: 

It is a daunting task to build a strong farm fence for the first time, so you will need the help of professionals. For fence building in Texas, contact H&T Ranch Services at 844-487-2624.