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Fence for the Horse Farm? H&T Ranch Services Can Offer Affordable Fence Building Services in Texas

If you have a horse farm, you know how important it is to have a fence that can contain your horses. You also know how expensive it can be to build a fence. That’s why we’re offering our fence building services to horse farms. We can build a fence that is both strong and affordable.

If you plan to add horses to your farm’s ever-growing list of animals, building a fence for them is not an easy task. Having so many options available may leave you unsure of which fence would be most suitable for your horses. Here are a few tips and suggestions for building a fence that will contain and keep your farm animals happy.

What you need to know about fencing horses

Before you build a horse fence, ask yourself the following questions:

Is there a recommended height for the fence? For an average-sized horse, a fence height of 5 feet or less is generally considered a standard height, but you can adjust the height based on the size of your horses. Clydesdales require a tall fence, for instance, so a miniature horse fence would be more than adequate.

How big is your pasture? In the case of just one or two horses, a small paddock may suffice, but as the herd grows, higher fencing will be required.

What will be the cost? If you plan to build a large paddock, go for a less expensive option like electric fencing; for smaller paddocks, more expensive and attractive fencing may be the best option.

Farm horse fences come in a few varieties. Examples include:

Texas pastures are synonymous with lush wooden board fences. It is almost impossible to avoid seeing board fences when riding horses. In comparison with other options, it’s more expensive and doesn’t last as long.

Using electric fences to build a horse fence is safer, simpler, and less expensive than building one with another method. Electric fencing with four or five wires requires a few more materials, such as a grounding rod and charger, but they’re considered one of the safest options for horse fencing, and they don’t incur huge costs. The wires should be coated with polymer or woven into polymer ropes or tapes.

Fencing for horses can be made with mesh wire that has square or diamond-shaped gaps. Electric and board fences generally cost more than mesh wire, and mesh wire is less expensive to maintain.

If you need horse fence building in Texas and want to choose the right one for the job through researching your options and making informed decisions, consult H&T Ranch Services. You’ll soon be building a fence that will be perfect for your farm horses.